Community Solar PV

Scaled community-owned solar PV with the Community Enterprise framework holds potential for energy and economic independence.

Community Solar


In a world racing towards renewable energy solutions, communities globally are uniquely poised to lead this transition and Community Enterprises offer an innovative community platform for this change. Rather than converting agriculture land to solar, imagine utilizing existing larger commercial and residential building rooftops as solar farms to increase energy resilience while also generating cashflow for community.



  • Ignite a global shift towards community-owned solar PV and other renewable energy systems that support energy resilience and independence.
  • Pioneer development of innovative community-ownership framework with integrated capital pathways that rebuild community wealth.
  • Maximize the potential of existing infrastructure by converting larger commercial and residential building rooftops into revenue-generating solar assets for community.
  • Empower community to become active stakeholders in their energy future, moving beyond the dependence of governments and/or private developers, to co-create sustainable, scalable, and locally-owned energy alternatives.


Invite diverse experts and stakeholders into a co-creation Design Lab that is designed to cultivate shared visions, assess systemic barriers, and then begin designing a scalable approach for community-owned solar PV. The Design Lab technique synergizes collective intelligence with scalable business models, laying the groundwork for and fostering the infrastructure necessary for a renewable energy future.

Success Outcomes

Embracing community-owned solar PV and renewable energy signifies more than ecological commitment; it’s a step towards energy resilience and economic independence for communities. Achieving this vision is made possible by the innovative community-ownership framework offered by the Community Enterprise, which also unlocks potential across community sectors and creates a resilient foundation for generations to come.

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