Future Ventures

The OCS Community Enterprise creates transformative opportunities across economic sectors


The OCS Community Enterprise creates transformative opportunities across economic sectors, including in housing, transportation, energy, and health-care. The hybrid community and private ownership model, with self-governance and wholeness practices, enables distributed leadership, high-levels of trust, and increased innovation. Once the food resilience initiative is going, the OCS’s Design Lab methodology will be utilized in areas identified as priority by community.


  • Harness the transformative power of the OCS Community Enterprise to begin solving deeply rooted socio-economic challenges.
  • Listen into the wisdom of community to guide the development of the OCS, its community focused ventures, and the co-creation of a truly circular economy and society.
  • Develop a resilient Okanagan economy that fosters capacities for self-governance and wholeness, while simultaneously creating financial returns for community.


Utilize the OCS’s Community Conversations and Design Lab methodologies to cultivate community wisdom and integrate it into scalable business approaches. Tap community and private financial resources to build the self-governing community initiatives, which provides social returns.

Success Outcomes

The OCS Community Enterprise collaboratively builds resilient systems approaches to housing, transportation, energy, and health-care, to name a few potential areas. Community owned ventures result in higher sales and utilization, in turn, creating higher excess profits that flow back to fund other community initiatives that generate community wealth and well-being.

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