Generating community wealth and well-being for a just, equitable, and flourishing future.

#Together We Can

Why Now?

Our communities are experiencing rapidly growing pressures such as housing affordability, food insecurity, mental health challenges, and wealth inequities.

We can see how the current trajectory extends if we don’t collectively move from treating socio-economic symptoms, to transforming root causes.

Why OCS?

The OCS Community Enterprise infuses the best of the current “symptom-specific” approaches, within holistic and whole-system approaches to create a scalable self-governing system.

Together, our community can begin solving our toughest challenges.

OCS Value

Lasting Change

Transformative systems integrate not-for-profit with for-profit to create lasting positive change.

Community Wealth Building

Hybrid community ownership restores economic strength to community.

Community Innovation

Community ventures invite broader representation to co-create solutions where it matters most.

Community Driven

Collective community wisdom guides the evolution of the Okanagan Circular Society.


Community Prosperity

The OCS’s scalable whole systems approach spans the 4 P’s of People, Planet, Purpose, and Profits — creating tangible community prosperity.

Vision of Possibility: To Inspire and Nourish All Life

Events & News

Latest News

OCS Community Enterprise Overview

We are pleased to announce the release of Okanagan Circular Society’s Community Enterprise Overview, a short yet comprehensive tour of the OCS vision, model, approach, and key areas of activity.

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